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Corrosion Protection and Coating

Today, modern durable protective coatings are available which when used appropriately, allow extended maintenance intervals and improved performance.

The key to success lies in recognising the corrosivity of the environment to which the structure will be exposed and in defining clear and appropriate coating specifications. Where steel is in a dry heated interior environment the risk of corrosion is insignificant and no protective coating is necessary. Conversely, a steel structure exposed to an aggressive environment needs to be protected with a high-performance treatment and may need to be designed with maintenance in mind if extended life is required.

The optimum protection treatment, which combines appropriate surface preparation, suitable coating materials, required durability and minimum cost, is achievable using modern surface treatment technology.

Redec is a specialist in the application of anti-corrosive painting systems. The process involves important surface preparation and application of the system according to the required technical specifications. Quality is monitored & recorded through the application process to ensure.