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Asbestos Removal

The Asbestos Regulations act, 2001outlines the regulations in dealing with Asbestos. The removal of Asbestos is a hazardous operation and as a result, all contractors need to be certified according to the regulations.

We make certain that our staff members are medically monitored to ensure that they have not been exposed to any harmful material. This includes exit medicals on completion of the scope of work.

After we have successfully completed cleaning operations, depending on conditions, we seal the asbestos in with a sealer coat to prevent future exposure or we dispose of the asbestos.

We make it our responsibility to guarantee that a registered disposal company disposes of all materials collected from operations and issues a certification that the material has been disposed of according to the regulation.

  1. The company must be registered as an Asbestos Removal Company with DOL-Department of Labour
  2. Employees must be Trained in First Aid Level 2
  3. Vehicles must have Hazmat Stickers, Fire Extinguishers, Signage and Spill Kits. Drivers must be trained in Hazmat and Spill Kit Training.
  4. We can only dispose of the Asbestos at a facility that is approved to handle and dispose of Asbestos and the client must be issued with a safe disposal certificate.
  5. Employees must undergo annual medicals that include Chest X-RaysEmployees must have Asbestos Awareness Training that must be renewed annually.
  6. Special PPE-Personal Protective Equipment is needed when working with Asbestos
  7. You need an AIA-Approved Inspection Authority(Registered with DOL) to perform a Health Risk Assessment at the work site and will perform regular audits while the project is in progress