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Businesses have great potential to transform people’s lives and to alleviate poverty through generating economic growth. Businesses produce goods and services that customers want and they create jobs. Through paying taxes, people contribute to government revenue that can finance schools, hospitals and other public services.


The current South Africa government has a policy of transferring a share of the ownership, management and benefits of the country’s many industries to people previously excluded from the economy. Redec is part of this process and is supportive of black economic empowerment deals.

We at Redec, firmly support this policy of the government and is part of our process to support BBEEE in South Africa.


Redec believes that through business development as well as offering opportunities within the company to previously disadvantage people , Redec can play an active role in broad-based black economic empowerment.


Redec has incorporated a BEE employee trust that currently owns 26% of the company.

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